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Supersized headboards are big on style and big on comfort says Brent Cooper

We’re living in an age of supersize, where everything in our homes, from our sofas to our cookers to our showers, is growing. This enlarging of everyday objects helps to create wow factor and gives a little bit of drama to our daily rituals. The trend extends all the way to the bedroom, where, thanks to the influence of boutique hotels, beds have grown to extraordinary proportions, both horizontally - and vertically.

It’s no surprise to learn that Kingsize beds now outsell standard doubles and that people are going even larger still, stretching out comfortably into Superking and Emperor size versions. Yes, big beds are now the norm, so if you really want to make a statement in the bedroom, it’s all about the headboard, and, you guessed it, the bigger the better!

Supersized headboards are the latest bedroom trend. If the room can support it, they should be at least the size of the bed. In some cases they have grown to run the length of the wall, creating a soft, pillowy backdrop against which you can rest your weary head. They look equally fabulous taken upwards but, again, it’s about playing with scale. The vertical height of the board should mirror the length of the bed, giving a reflection of the bed reaching for the stars.

With such large proportions at play, choosing the right design is vital. Think of the supersized headboard as a piece of art that will dictate the style of a room. It needs to make just the right amount of impact and it has to have longevity. To recreate the warmth and softness of a luxury boudoir, the fashion is for upholstered boards, and you can have a lot of fun with these. Statement fabrics have taken over from the statement wallpaper trend we saw ten years ago, so rich, bold colours, stripes and geometric patterns are popular themes. This type of board is not for the faint-hearted - it makes a big impact, but done well, looks fabulous.

There is also a move towards neutral colours where the emphasis is more on texture. Leather, suede, linen and velvet are popular choices, adding a touchy-feely element to the board - the adult version of a cuddly soft toy. These boards have less drama than a highly patterned or coloured version, but they do create a soft, cosy focal point nonetheless.

It’s the little design details on a board that really help to show off the personality of a room. Metal studs trailing the perimeter give it a cool, urban vibe, while deep, plush buttoning suggests the formal elegance of a country retreat. Pleating, piping and beading all add character while the overall shape of a board can reflect the style direction of a room. Bespoke options are available which means headboards can be designed to fit the proportions of any room, perhaps where there is a low ceiling or a beam to take into consideration. They can even come with cut-out allowances for skirting boards.

As bedrooms evolve into master suites and start to double up as spaces for watching TV, reading or working on the computer, an upholstered headboard makes a lot of sense. They are big on comfort and big on style and give a room an instant visual talking point. Dream big and then dream even bigger and you’ll start to get a feel for the sort of proportions you should be aiming for!

Author: Brent Cooper

Company: Marshall and Stewart

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