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Date published: May 05 2018

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There is something inherently glamorous and sexy about spaces with curves

Imagine standing in front of two sofas in a furniture shop and you’re torn. One has a curved shape, it’s a bit plumper and the armrests would wrap you in a warm hug. Whereas, the other sofa has clean lines and has strong angles but is no less comfortable. Which would you choose?

It has been proven in multiple studies that the majority of the population thinks that furniture with an organic look and rounded forms is more relaxing than those with an angular design. A home is a place of peace and relaxation so what better way to achieve this than to bring back the 70s trend of curves.

It is noticeable that home décor has taken a sharp turn from minimalist clean lines to maximalist. Rich paint colours, bold textured wallpapers and fabrics layered with metal and dark wood highlight curved shapes.

Perhaps it’s down to a nostalgic yearning for a simpler time, or purely a reaction against a decade or so of Skandi grey walls and bleached wood that have dominated our homes and style pages. But curved furnishings have definitely stepped up to take their moment in the spotlight.

This trend has made its way into the rug market too. Rugs are often rectangular in shape, so a curved rug is an instant talking point. Where design and furnishings have been kept to a minimum, a curved rug has even more opportunity to define the style of a space. They tend to soften the harsh and sharp lines that some spaces have. Partnered with small and functional furniture pieces, it can really make for a powerful and unique vignette. There is something inherently glamorous and sexy about these spaces.

Soft and plush, curved furnishings aren’t just limited to the living room. A circular rug could be used in an entrance hall to gravitate the attention to the centre of the room.

Headboards with circular edges create a more calming environment in the bedroom, perfect for that great night’s sleep. A semi-circular sofa wrapped around a bold circular rug in front of a fireplace emphasises the cosy atmosphere. The possibilities are endless.

You can also play with colours and texture to create the look for you. Deeply layered, bold colours create a maximalist setting with refined extravagance which evokes a sense of drama and luxury.

For those who want to go curvy this season, try bringing visual interest into your space with a curvilinear rug. After all, curves aren’t only en vogue on the runways - they’re also infiltrating the design-sphere, and rightly so! 

Author: Monique Stamp

Company: Riviere Rugs

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