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Date published: April 04 2017

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Her aim is to bring adaptations of classic designs to the 21st Century by giving them a modern twist

Renowned leading designer and manufacturer of contemporary British home furnishings, Lutyens Furniture & Lighting, has now expanded into a more modern market with its new sister
brand: Lutyens Contemporary. This sister branch is founded by Candia Lutyens, granddaughter of Sir Edwin Lutyens, who was widely regarded as one of the greatest British architects of all time. Her aim is to bring adaptations of classic designs by Sir Edwin into the 21st Century by giving them a modern twist and employing a range of new materials and manufacturing
techniques to the process. As founder Candia Lutyens herself comments, ‘I am very excited to be taking this step to bring the Lutyens design ethic into the 21st Century and, with my own contribution to the new designs, making it a third generation of great furniture design within the Lutyens family.’

‘My work brings adaptations of classic designs by Sir Edwin Lutyens into the 21st Century. I do so by going through an extensive archive of original drawings and carefully selecting unique designs that can be re-adapted and modernised to suit today’s market. The challenge is to create something new and relevant while not losing the charm of the original design,’ says Candia.

The new Lutyens Contemporary range opens with ten pieces of furniture including chairs made from moulded ply, three tables in Perspex as well as bedside tables, lanterns and mirrors in Valchromat - a highly contemporary, precision engineered self-coloured wood. Additionally, Lutyens Contemporary has launched a range of desk and table accessories made from
turned walnut and sycamore. These include salt and pepper mills, candlesticks, a clock and barometer set, desk and table lamps and various boxes, trays and pen holders.

Lighting is a big part of the Contemporary collection, and Candia discusses her personal favourites. ‘One of my preferred lights is the armed pendant, which was originally designed to be made of timber. It was a fun challenge to re-adapt this design using the wide range of materials that are available today. We are fortunate enough to be living at a time in which a
vast range of materials are possible to work with and I was particularly drawn to Perspex for this design because of the way the light bounces between the arms. Advances in technology since this light was first sketched have also made this light very suitable for LEDs.”

Designer: Candia Lutyens

Company: Lutyens Furniture

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