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Date published: March 03 2015

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Fashion has made our living spaces more glamorous say Mari Paulina

In the last few years we have seen the trend which links the world of interior design with the world of high fashion grow stronger. The objects we surround ourselves with have become more sophisticated and glamorous, so evidently haute couture inspired and connected to the precious apparels that we admire on the fashion catwalks. 

In the last two decades fashion houses have successfully started their own interior design collections - Ralph Lauren, Fendi, Armani Casa and Kenzo to name but a few. 

Thanks to these we now find in our living spaces objects and accessories which were earlier only used for evening wear. Swarovski crystals, mother of pearl inlays, designer logos and signature shapes are intertwined on sofas, cabinets and chairs. Elaborate lines used to create garments and materials, designer handbags or skirts can now be found in beautifully shaped lamp shades or details on upholstered pieces. Collectable jewellery has also become an inspiration to high-end designers. 

Thanks to this ongoing trend, we can spot real jewels in our homes. Fantastic beaded tassels made by hand from colourful feathers, amazing cabinet handles made of gemstones and semi-precious metals with incredible care, cushions and throws made of silk velvets and embroidered with crystals, pearls, combined with leather fur. Curtains can be statement pieces on their own, like those designed by Ulf Moritz, which hang in simple panels bringing so much modern charisma that they don’t need any draping. 

The lighting world also takes us into entirely different dimensions. Light is magical anyway and allows for creating unique and most sophisticated moods in any space, not only inside but also in open spaces. Nowadays lamps are not only sources of light necessary for us to move around comfortably in the darkness but have become a focal point of our living spaces.  Fantastic, colourful, sculpture like lamp bases help add character and interest to spaces we live in. Elaborate chandeliers and ceiling or wall lights, often made of hundreds of pieces like crystal silhouettes, ceramic butterflies or flowers bring magic to our homes and other spaces. 

All those tiny details when washed with warm streams of light give an impression of magnificent sparkling waterfalls or galaxies that all of the sudden arrived from another dimension and landed in our homes to make our lives more beautiful.

Enchanted as we may be with the beauty of those furniture and lighting jewels we have to take care not to get too carried away as they need to be used with restrain and care. Much in the same way as an elegant outfit needs the right balance - the rule ‘less is more’ also applies to living spaces. We must be careful of the number of elaborate items we choose, to keep an area in harmony, a smaller number of more elaborate items should be the way to go depending of course on the style indicated for the space. 

Items cannot fight for space in a home but must enhance one another. It is important to keep the right mix of pieces that create drama and interest with those that create their background for the most pleasing aesthetical effect. 

Author: Mari Paulina Ianiq

Company: Mari Ianiq

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