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Date published: July 07 2017

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Performance textiles are an essential part of indoor-outdoor life

Living in a bicoastal world, I am fortunate that it affords me the opportunity to create soothing and soulful spaces in any landscape. In Los Angeles, indoor-outdoor living is the daily fabric of our very lives. The colours and textures of nature inspire me beyond what is trending.

I currently favour Mid-Century design. In the 1950’s, outdoor fabrics were limited to canvas in solids and cabana stripes inevitably becoming a staple for every umbrella table, patio and poolside furnishing. The evolution of solution dyed acrylic and the European solution dyed polyacrylic now aff ords the luxury of bringing the vast array of wovens, prints, velvets, chenille, boucles, and multiple other weaves into the home.

I select Performance textiles that are luxuriously soft and elegant. I no longer have to consider if the fabric is appropriate for a particular application because performance textiles may be used for any application. I find a freedom in design knowing that my clients, their children, and their pets may live on the furniture without ever having to worry about dirt and spills.

I love outdoor sheers! To view the divine elegance of outdoor sheers is like watching a dance. How relaxing to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine and watch your outdoor sheers sway delicately in the breeze. The Delano hotel in Miami is lavish with outdoor sheers, surrounding its entryway, billowing in the breeze as you approach. It is a magnificent treatment epitomising the beauty and grace of bringing sheers outdoors.

I have come to include Performance textiles as the essential part of indoor-outdoor living and an integral part of my life. I think designers and clients are still discovering the properties of Performance textiles. City clients sometimes have the misconception that if they don’t have an outdoor space, there is no need for a Performance textile.

This is no longer the case and I bring these textiles into the kitchen, dining room, family room, bedroom, and basically anywhere else for they complement the space they occupy.

I consider myself fortunate to reap the benefits of the bounty of California, a lifestyle blending the new with the traditions of the past, a fresh approach to living with the pioneer spirit and the diverse lifestyles and landscapes that awaken the senses. I love what I do and I strive to create homes that inspire comfort and creativity. I am now able to take that one step further by bringing the inside out and the outside in.

Author: Kerry Joyce

Company: Kerry Joyce

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