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Date published: September 09 2017

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Life happens fast and we need living spaces that keep up with this pace

Most things we want today are accessible with the touch of a button. Technology has changed the way we live drastically within the past 20 years, making everyday life easier.

Decorating a house can be a daunting and time consuming project for most people. I strive to make the process painless, uncomplicated, and you guessed it, easy. With sources for everything from furniture to flatware dishes, I work to decorate houses from the top to bottom in one day or three days max. That’s everything - furnishings, lighting, rugs, accessories, draperies, the works. The process happens fast and frequently when clients are on holiday.

Accomplishing such quick design work is only possible with the types of technology that I have access to. Using programs such as Auto Cad, Revit, and Sketchup, allow me to easily lay out floor plans to scale, creating a picture perfect visual to present to clients for approval. When time is of the essence they are able to make quick decisions because of the detailed visual they have access to.

As a millennial, I’ve grown up being well in tune with the latest and greatest technologies and social media outlets. I often use social media to pull ideas and inspiration from the various interior design blogs I follow. These platforms also allow me to crowdsource products, which provides easy access to information or input on any project. Simply viewing a client’s online profile can help me gain a better understanding of their personality and lifestyle, especially if I’m never able to meet them in person.

Currently functional interiors are trending for the busy, working class person, who needs a living space that aids in making their life effortless. While show houses look beautiful, they’re simply not practical. To create a functional look, it’s essential to understand what the primary purpose of the space when designing will be, and how it would best function with people. Before I ever begin thinking about colour schemes or accent pieces I first determine how the space will help simplify the way my client lives.

Space isn’t wasted anymore, it’s used in every way to make things easier. I design rooms that fit the everyday trending styles of furniture, colour, and texture while creating a space that captures the lifestyle of my client. I do this by keeping materials and finishes practical and family friendly. Mixing performance materials such as sunbrella or crypton fabrics into a design provides a life proof environment. Neutral colours can be made more interesting by blending a variety of wood tones, textures, and metal accents.

Life happens fast and we need living spaces that keep up with our constant movement. I’m not designing homes, I’m designing spaces for life to happen, and I’m making it easy.

Author: Kirsten Hart

Company: Designing Women of NC

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