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Date published: November 11 2017

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Objets that harness the unique energy of nature is the key to a luxury scheme

Wth so many influencing factors, interior design is subject to social media and fashion trends to an unprecedented degree. We are constantly being bombarded with images and options that we love to explore and absorb. Always looking to adopt new ways of implementing this inspiration, we believe that the key to creating luxurious and glamorous schemes is to source items that encapsulate and harness the unique energy of nature resulting in metamorphic shapes, sculptural forms and tactile materials.

Recently, Porta Romana posted on social media about their love of Ralph Nuara’s bowls with their unique and adorable patterns. We completely agree. Alex McCarthy’s vessels are also truly exceptional as every ceramic objet is exclusively unique. Th ey describe the tactile qualities of these artefacts as inspired by natural surfaces, such as tree bark and natural rocks with the metal oxides adding depth.

To further reinforce this, the use of geological and natural art forms, such as ethically farmed coastal corals, agate sections, natural labradorite and hyaline quartz, and exquisitely preserved ammonite shells are introduced to provide a sophisticated interior decor mimicking the rustic, natural beauty from geological rock formations - each piece being distinctive and individual.

Sand-casted glass is another example of a natural organic objet d’art that creates visually stunning sculptures taking direct inspiration from nature. Perfectly capturing the transformation of water from liquid to ice, the soft curves of the Frozen Water sculptures from the late Amanda Brisbane are unique and mesmerizing. Th is modern day dynamic method of sand-casted glass was pioneered and perfected in the 1980’s by the Swedish artist, Bertil Vallien.

Similarly, three-dimensional artwork that incorporates various mediums and materials such as sand, gold and silver leaf can transform a design scheme. Utilising artwork that evokes emotion injects personality into a space, bringing it to life. By incorporating the colours of the interiors scheme, the resultant artwork can convey depth, texture and tactility, providing sinuosity to the design.

The introduction of sculptural forms, such as statuette statement chairs, into the scheme allows the combination of luxury with comfort while being iconic design objects in their own right. For example, Christopher Guy operates the forefront of luxury interiors, creating sculptural chairs that serve both as functional pieces of furniture and as decorative works of art. Their unique designs not only emulate art, but eff ortlessly transform the spaces while injecting the prerequisite element of glamour.

In isolation, these design features cannot support a glamorous scheme alone. The vital component to achieve a cohesive, holistic interior is the involvement at the conceptual stage of the design process. In order to showcase these features, it is essential to provide design continuity through the facilitation of Interior Architecture; spatial planning, lighting design and smart home automation, thus enabling the elevation and accentuation of these natural and organic, unique statement pieces.

Author: Iona Newton

Company: Oakeve Interiors

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