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Date published: August 08 2016

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Metals make a statement and add glamour and often warmth to contemporary designs

Not too long ago, one would think of metals in the home with regards to the industrial chic trend with exposed beams and pipes, shiny chrome taps in the bathroom and perhaps some stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. These days, however, metal has crept into interiors in a big way and the popularity for this trend does not seem to be waning. Chrome was the first metallic tone to become the material of choice for table lamps, coffee tables, shelving units and unique home accessories - copper, brass, gold and silver have steadily followed.

In 2015, it was all about copper - everything from KitchenAid mixers to free-standing baths were given a copper makeover. The year culminated with Dulux announcing that its paint colour of the year for 2015 was called Copper Blush. Our love for metallics will never fade and 2016 is the year of tones of brass and gold. A key trend we are seeing this year is the layering of
metallics - mixing soft warm tones such as rose gold and bronze, gold and silver is a popular way to use metallic tones in the home with fabrics and furniture companies are offering a wide range of designs and finishes.

Metals make a statement and add glamour and often warmth to contemporary designs. A noticeable trend which is taking over the high street is cutlery and tableware in gold tones; it is also seen in fashion with more high street brands offering metallic-look clothing such as shimmering skirts and shiny jackets. Consumers were being drawn to eye-catching, statement pieces for even the smallest of accessories and everyday essentials. Electronics brand, Apple are still riding on a wave of increasing success after combining their iconic white design with rose gold, silver and gold - by simply following a popular lifestyle trend.

There is a real element of luxury when it comes to metallics, whilst some consumers choose to add small touches here and there, there are many who choose big pieces - chandeliers covered in gold-leaf or bespoke pendant lighting made from brass and chrome in unique and organic shapes. 

This trend is not just seen in accessories and lighting - flooring companies are offering metallic tones in their ranges. Amtico offers vinyl flooring in a range of gentle shimmers, brighter glints and metal-like textures which will add a touch of soft glamour.

Metallics work particularly well in a smaller room - as an accent colour within the interiors scheme. The reflective properties help bounce light around the room creating an impact. Smart gold wall lights and subtle metallic cushions in a tiny urban living room will add a subtle shine to the room without dominating. Similarly using just one stunning piece willcreate a huge impact in a room. The beauty of metallic products is that they work well with every colour and have been used to decorate living spaces for hundreds of years - only now are they more versatile and more fashionable.

The concept of using metals in interiors is certainly not a new concept, medieval nobility used wrought iron in their homes. During the course of the 20th century, trends have changed. There was a real love of chrome and mirrors in homes in the 20s and the 60s and 70s saw the renaissance of Brutalist metalwork coming back into fashion. The interiors world
smartened up the 80s and 90s with gold and brass being very much in Vogue.

Metallics in interiors today are the norm and attainable with any budget. It is a trend which is here to stay due to its ability to be integrated into any designscheme and the wide variety of products now offered by companies worldwide.

Author: Chris Jordan

Company: Christopher Wray

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