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Kristina Lindhe explores the global appeal of Scandinavian New England Style

Maybe it's the timeless all American East Coast aesthetic of the Hamptons, maybe it's the architecture, the colours, the tradition built on superior craftsmanship, or it could be the optimistic look of the New England lifestyle that gives this lifestyle trend global appeal.

I am from Sweden, but the Hamptons feels like home. In the past, there were many Swedish settlers on the East Coast of America, so it's also no wonder that this look has elements of Scandinavian design. In the Hamptons, beauty is often simple and uncomplicated but always features an elegant fusion of nature's colours and premium textures.

From the iconic cedar grey siding that characterizes a classic New England home, to the fresh use of all-American hues, the New England style is a lifestyle choice adopted and favoured in homes and hotels all over the world. The inspiration for this trend can be found in typical US East Coast houses in cedar wood and white painting, found in a town just outside of Boston, Massachusetts called Lexington, a small town of great beauty.

Visits to the eastern coast of the USA evoke strong feelings, the white houses, the white picket fencing stretching along the long sandy beaches, Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard, Harvard and Yale. New England is more than a location, it is a lifestyle. The style stands for something positive - light, fresh and natural. It is classic with a fashion twist in hues of blue, white, red and beige combined with stripes and checks.

This look is all about staying true to the American tradition of superior craftsmanship, a trend that builds on the understated elegance and inspiration from this part of the world and so is timeless in design. There are people all around the world, in all countries that enjoy this style of life. With the New England look the possibilities to combine colours and styles, whether you live in the city or in the countryside are endless.

We all want to feel the heritage and seek things that last for a longer time than before. The Hamptons is all about simple pleasures of the very finest materials, detailing and design. These elements add to the global appeal of the New England look.

This area of the coast also invites wonderful seasons that obviously translate to a variety of international climates. This means that you can create a New England inspired design concept for Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday for interiors, no matter when or where you live.

Think crisp Spring bedding, waking to the bright Spring light and then taking a morning beach walk in the fresh brisk air. Bursts of colour combined with the lightweight textiles and patterns that embody the Hamptons aesthetic.

Another of life's simple pleasures is the joy of outdoor dining at the weekend with family and friends in the Summer time. Table linens in charming mix of plaid, chambray and stripes that give the gathering a warm feel, simple yet elegant ceramics lets the focus be where it should - on the meal and guests.

When the mild rays turn hot and summer has finally arrived be inspired by the aquamarine colours from the pool and the wild flowers that bloom. Lounge chairs and beach towels with uplifting colours and soft textures allow for long lazy days in the sunshine.

Fall is a dramatic season that brings in colours that light up the trees in bright orange, yellow, gold and red hues against the crisp blue sky. It's a season where it's ok to stay inside so I like to design bed linen to stay in bed for, favourite flannels, shawls and cosy throws. It's an off-season look of quiet peace and a great book.

Finally it's time to celebrate the Holidays in the Hamptons. And decorating your home is a real seasonal pleasure where everyone can join in. The table is set, candles are lit as close friends and family are arrive with excitement. New England is a design style that is an emotional, seasonal, international and personal way of life, for everyone.

Author: Kristina Lindhe

Company: Lexington Company

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