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Date published: October 10 2017

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Salle de bain style bathrooms are cinematic in flavour and scope

Whether you attribute it to the world’s most famous architects now fashioning iconic restrooms in public spaces, or a growing appreciation of just how beautiful such rooms can be, the once humble bathroom has evolved from its hidden existence pre-1960s.

Once something of a sidelined environment, the bathroom can now provide a moment of pure luxury in a home or hotel, especially where the decorations and finishing touches are concerned.

From a space once set aside merely for fleeting visits and essential functions, it’s acquired the status of a pampering room, even for well-being, with ever larger dimensions, a place where interior design has gained real significance.

Interior designers and architects are now servicing an ever more demanding clientele, who will set aside increasingly eye watering budgets to the furnishings and overall design scheme of their bathrooms. As design has advanced, so too has the possibilities in our one-time ‘smallest room.

It seems every taste can be catered for, but for those who favour an Art Déco inspired ‘Salle de bain’, bold colours and precious materials are de rigueur. These include marble with veins running through it and high gloss lacquers with various surface textures like ribbed or diamond cut eff ects. These can then be paired up with precious metals such as gold and bronze in a choice of brushed, antique or glossy finishes, and even chrome for a visually striking black and white contrast.

And just because the bathroom often gets hidden does not mean designers are scrimping when it comes to attention to detail. Tap mixer units can be made to gleam via deluxe jewel-like handles, their metal finishes coordinated to that of the furniture. The same touches can also be added to anything from towel rails to tissue holders.

While the key colours for this style remain black and white, there is potential for millennial pink, bold greens, Ottanio blue and even Pompeian red alongside them. Such customising when combined with the choice of metal means totally different moods can be created. For those clients demanding for the absolute highest luxury, there are hand finished Murano glass creations. These can feature ribbed detailing and come in clear mirror or lacquered black mirror finishes, making them more comparable to pieces of jewellery than a bathroom furnishing. The metals used are all subjected to galvanic treatments to prevent oxidisation over time - a common problem in bathrooms of old.

So, ‘Salle de bain’ style bathrooms have evolved into dream environments. As such, they are nowadays really cinematic in fl avour and scope, offering high-impact impressions on their vistiors and a dramatic grandeur throughout. These are showcase bathrooms which invoke pride from their owners, and which also provide the defining touch to hotels of distinction.

Author: Fredrica Quaia

Company: Oasis Group

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