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Date published: June 06 2016

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Light sources are one of the most important decorative features in any interior and adds wow factor says Mari Janiq

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine an aspiring interior without well planned and versatile lighting solutions.

Good interior designers know how important lighting is in creating the desired mood and bringing out the best in all of the furniture in a space. Modifying the atmosphere and adding a touch of glamour by using sophisticated lamps and light sources is the main trend in today’s luxury interiors. Lighting can work true wonders by changing it dramatically, adding charisma and highlighting particular features in a space. There is no limit to the power of light. 

For a long time lighting fixtures became leading wow factors in their own right, changing from simple lanterns to sophisticated forms. The general tendency, no matter what the style of the space will be, is to use multipurpose lighting for a range of effects.

General lighting is used to give neutral, even light to the whole space, usually to allow work and normal daily activities. It’s not meant to concentrate attention on one selected place or bring too much attention to the lighting fixture itself. The solutions used here are often very technical.

The next type of lighting is task lighting – used to brighten up a particular area or surface, like a desk or table top. In this category, we will have all sorts of table and floor lamps as well as pendants. Illuminating themselves in the first place, lamps highlight their truly amazing shapes inspired by nature, architecture, science, futuristic visions or, by Houte Couture and collectable jewellery. One of the hottest tendencies I’ve noticed is that lighting design is using the fashion and jewellery industries as inspiration. Lamps in incredible shapes and forms made of crystal, colourful glass, semi-precious metals, surprising resins, feathers or gemstone beads give a unique feel and add glamour to the space that hosts them.

Being a passionate about lighting, I have to mention another trend proudly emerging in the recent years - lights that give a decorative result and remain mostly or totally hidden - those can be absolutely smashing. Discrete up-lights smartly hidden, highlight precise elements of an ambiance and by using smart LED strips, a surface can be highlighted from one or two angles resulting in a gorgeous gradient on the lit area. 

The last and most impressive group of decorative lighting fixtures are grand chandeliers – fixtures made from thousands of separate handmade pieces of some of the most beautiful materials. Reaching enormous sizes, they are true pieces of art – breath taking creations straight from fairy tales or wild visions. Their daring postures are sure to make an impression, hanging proudly in their own magical glow; they rule the space and shine like royal jewels.

Well-chosen lighting is one of the keys to an amazing interior that we so much admire and desire to live in.

Author: Mari Paulina C. Janiq


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