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Date published: April 04 2018

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Luxurious textures and striking patterns of carpets can transform a room

‘Carpets can work fantastically in a space, and can add texture, warmth, and comfort - the luxurious textures and striking patterns of carpets can completely transform a room. The floor gives a big opportunity to introduce layers of texture into a scheme and is the final key design ingredient - it has to perfectly enhance all the other elements of the room,’ says Kelly Hoppen.

‘The floor is not just a blank space, rather it is somewhere to create character, and quite often the floor is the making of a room. Carpet offers so much potential in a space - smooth carpet has an architectural quality that is almost Art Deco in style, while shag pile contrasts brilliantly against ultra modern pieces of furniture,’ she adds.

Emma Cassidy, of Brintons Carpets, agrees. ‘We’re currently seeing a new direction in the way designers are selecting colours and patterns for commercial flooring. Clients are embracing change and breaking the rules of carpet design.’

‘We’re seeing less of small pattern repeats, instead the popularity of the large-scale designs and surface patterns with no repeats. The designs featured in the carpets are works of art, and are very much part of the storytelling and conceptual development of an overall scheme. With the advanced technology available in woven carpets, we’re able to create patterns, textures, colours and shapes that are more sophisticated, advanced and creative than ever before,’ Emma advises.

‘Instead of chasing interior trends, clients and designers are going back to a more natural and distressed look and feel when it comes to pattern and colours. Emulating naturally occurring elements like wood and marble, we’re seeing a rise in the classic herringbone, carrara marble and granite patterns, with designers combining the soft texture of carpets with hard materials, creating a juxtaposition of pattern,’ says Emma. ‘On wooden or tiled floor, a plush accent rug will add so much warmth and texture, while a daring design will offer interest,’ Kelly says.

‘Nature has always provided designers with incredible colour palettes, and is a source of great inspiration. In 2018, we will also see a rise in bringing the outside in; appearing on our carpets, through pattern, texture and colour, we will see unusual plant-like forms such as lichen, moss and bark taking the lead. The beauty of this trend is an extension of the natural
and distressed look that is so in demand,’ says Emma.

‘Carpets have already seen a resurgence in popularity, and this will only increase in 2018. Expect to see more texture, as well as dynamic patterns and bold colours; instead of statement
walls, we’ll see more statement floors,’ Kelly concludes. 

Designer: Emma Cassidy
Brintons Carpets:

Author: Kelly Hoppen & Emma Cassidy

Company: Kelly Hoppen and Brintons Carpets

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