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Date published: November 11 2017

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Marble appears in hand-crafted furniture which become the jewels within a room

As designers, beautiful things are often presented to us, accompanied with the statement of being ‘the latest trend’ or ‘on trend’. Keeping your home up to date with these trends allows it to stay in the present, the here and now. But as a designer, keeping up to date is vital. I would encourage you to embrace the styles that will stand the test of time.

One trend we seem to have a constant love aff air with, that we have all come to know the distinct and familiar markings of, is the metamorphic rock, marble. Those distinct strong veins and the unique swirls which give each slab its own characteristics, providing a diverse range of uses. With elegant floors, grand fireplaces, counter tops and wall surfaces, over the last few years we’ve seen marble’s applications rise steadily. It is still very much a key trend within both commercial and private industries, adding luxury and grace to any interior space.

This ancient architectural material invokes affluence and opulence, and was once used by the Egyptians. Nowadays, it lines the walls and floors of the Vatican and the marble courtyard at the Palace of Versailles. Marble spans many cultures, quarried from varying continents, and it is this which gives us the many beautiful variations. From Emperador to Carrara White and Calacatta Gold, all of which give a familiarity to the space, adding a sense of classic elegance.

In more recent times, modern technology has allowed designer and furniture makers to take advantage of the beauty of slab marble within the home without the high cost, letting homeowners, hoteliers and restaurateurs to have their own slice of elegance and grandeur. We have become more confi dent with the use of the material too, fully utilising its polished surfaces and clean lines. Teamed with other finishes such as burnished brass, deep rich velvets, we can easily encapsulate beauty and an extremely high-end finish in an interior space.

Every type of marble varies in look and feel, which is great for different interiors. White marble looks great in a bathroom, especially if married with beautiful burnished brass fixings, white ceramics and reflective mirrors. Marquina black can look incredibly striking if teamed with dark paneling, making for a totally different but no less impressive bathroom interior.

Once the medium chosen by sculptor Michelangelo, marble is a perfect material for furniture makers, often combined with other natural materials such as wood, leather and brass. It can be incredibly versatile, appearing in hand-crafted furniture which become the jewels within an interior. We embrace this most ancient material in a contemporary way, creating striking forms. Marble has always held our attention, successfully used in a variety of industries from architecture to interiors, furniture to fabrics, and to fashion. All manner of trades have embraced the
beauty and elegance of marble. 

Author: Emily Davies

Company: John Evans Design

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