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Date published: November 11 2015

Volta is a craft collaboration between two high-profile Belgian artists, Eddy Dankers and Thierry Thenaers, who have marked the rediscovery of an almost lost form of interior decoration; painted canvas ceilings.  

First seen in classical Greece, painting scenes on fabric became an increasingly refined art, direct ancestor of the illusionist ceilings of Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo times. In the theatre too, painted canvas has always been a medium of magical illusion. As a bespoke art form, it has dazzling potential for both traditional and modern ceilings. 

Eddy’s family have been artists since the 17th Century and Thierry is a renowned master painter, operatic set designer and interior designer. Individually, both have worked on many of Europe’s historic buildings, including the restoration of Versailles. 

Inheritors and developers of the art of painted canvas ceilings, Thierry and Eddy set up Volta as an international interiors brand and their teams work all over the world.  Using old and new techniques and technologies, they can create anything from a perfect facsimile of a Baroque masterpiece to a dazzling ultra-modern trompe l’oeil ceiling. Highly eco-sensitive; they work on natural linen canvas, using natural casein paints, with a passion for authentic plant and mineral-pigmented colour.  

Their stand at Decorex 2015 included an extraordinary virtual reality tour, with visitors donning advanced VR headsets to ‘travel down’ a grand corridor allowing them to view a series of rooms with unique Volta ceilings.  Proving that, ancient as it is, this classical art form has most definitely made the move into contemporary interiors

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