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Tom Raffield

Date published: November 11 2016


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Tom Raffield creates designs inspired by Cornwall's natural resources and beauty

Tom Raffield has become synonymous with the transformation of wood into his trademark unique designs, which are as much a work of art as a functional piece of furniture.

In 2008, Tom and his wife, Danielle, founded Tom Raffield with a desire to create designs inspired by Cornwall’s natural resources and beauty, and set up their experimental workshop nestled amongst six acres of ancient woodland in Cornwall.

Tom Raffield designs are created as sculptural pieces inspired by the natural environment that surrounds him. In sharing the belief that every piece of furniture and lighting in the range must be beautiful in form and practical in function, Tom utilises the traditional craft of steam-bending wood to create pieces that will become harmonious in the spaces of their owners for years to come as cherished antiques of the future.

The woodland workshop provides the backdrop for a team of skilled craftsman trained by Tom. “Each piece we create has been on an experimental journey - individual, organic and carefully considered. We source everything from sustainable forests, coupled with the low energy steam bending process - it’s very ecological with little wastage,” he explains.

“The journey that each product takes is truly inspiring. From its infancy as a sustainably harvested piece of timber, through to the meticulous working of its form, to a finished product. Wonderfully, the narrative of each design takes on a new meaning when acting in conjunction with our clients’ own individual space.”

Tom, who trained at the Falmouth College of Art, has worked with many clients and on a variety of projects, from domestic settings to commercial contracts, but his designs remain in essence based wholly on natural and organic forms allowing the poetry of each product to work with the aesthetics of countless environments.

Tom and his wife have long dreamed of being able to live and work amongst the trees and after two years of hard work and creative exploration they finished their biggest project to date - a steam bent house that they built hidden amongst the trees in a beautiful piece of Cornish woodland. Joining them in their journey from frivolous idea to the realisation of their dream, was Kevin McCloud and his team from Channel 4’s Grand Designs who was there every step of the way to document the process for their show.

Tom’s new collection includes bold and contemporary pieces of furniture, lighting and accessories designed to enrich and enhance your space while bringing the elegance of nature into the home.

Many of these designs featured in the Grand Designs episode as they are all examples of items specifically designed to sit in their woodland house, including the Amble Hanging Chair, the Kern Light, the Gwelsen Screen and the stunning Treave table. The full stunning collection can be viewed online at

Designer: Tom Raffield

Author: Katy Briscoe

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