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Avenue Marceau

Date published: October 10 2016


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This stunning apartment is a work of art from start to finish and has all the hallmarks of a Gérard Faivre classic home

Gérard Faivre describes himself as ‘neither architect, neither decorator, nor real-estate professional’, yet without doubt he is a virtuoso of metamorphosis who gives a contemporary feel to properties that are full of history. 

This stunning apartment is a work of art from start to finish, and has all the hallmarks of a Faivre classic home. From the moment you step into the grand entrance hall, the tone of the property is set with its beautiful original parquet flooring, subtle grey walls and the statement ceiling painted with a metallic sky motif that is evident throughout the building. Hanging from this artistic centre piece of ceiling is a series of stainless steel pendant lights from Tom Dixon – just one of the many incredible feature lights that make such a bold
statement in every room.

Moving on to the living room, the stunning silver sky effect on the ceiling is echoed in a blue rug which also swirls with drama with a marbling eff ect which ties it in beautifully to the grand original marble fireplace dominating the mirrored wall. Oversized grey sofas provide a seating area for many, whilst the theatrical and slightly Dali-esque ‘Melt Chrome’ and ‘Mini Melt Gold’ pendant lights create a unique talking point whilst brilliantly lighting the space. Above the fireplace, bronze sculptures by Arnaud Kasper add to the playful feel of the room.

A second sitting room is dominated by a fantastical chandelier by Christine Rouvière for the Cinabre Gallery Paris. This contemporary creation, made with raw materials and precious metals, is inspired by the relief of the Moon and other planets. Looking right at home against the silver cloud design upon the ceiling, it gives the whole room a celestial quality and ‘other-worldliness’. An impressive amount of seating sits upon another bold rug design. 

The theme of mirrors and dramatic lighting is continued in the dining room which features a whole wall of mirrors to double the perceived space. The glass dining table keeps the feeling of infinity within the room that Faivre was trying to achieve and allows a full view of yet more art on the floor with another swirling blue pattern. The bedrooms are a slightly calmer take on the same theme - with the original parquet floor continuing throughout and the same neutral tones of greys and silvers used in the décor. Clever use of wall lights and lamps give the room a cosy feel and the use of many layers and textures on the bed makes it feel very inviting.

Gérard describes his work as the most satisfying vocation there is. ‘The happiness I feel in undertaking and fi nishing each project is a concrete, tangible pleasure which visitors can feel when they enter the main gate of the property. The decision to buy comes quickly. One falls in love with a house immediately, passionately or not at all.’

Photographer: Mattieu Fiol

Designer: Gerard Faivre

Author: Katy Briscoe

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