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In The Countryside

Date published: October 10 2017


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Brief: to create a luxurious home with modern, clean design but one with a countryside feel

Named simply the Pool House, a project in Gloucestershire carried a brief of James Bond in the Countryside. The designers therefore created a luxurious home with modern, clean furniture design, but one that retained its countryside feel by keeping the materials used within organic.

Alongside natural stones and hessian, metals carried brushed steel and matte black finishes, with no polished chrome in sight. The project took a year to complete, and the building was designed by Phillipe Starck.

The project came together smoothly. Only the polish plaster used caused difficulties, having to be carried through the ground floor and on up two flights of stairs. The rooftop pool was also a major undertaking - initially incorrectly installed backwards.

All of the home’s furniture was bespoke, right down to the fireplace. The task was to fill the 6,000 sq.ft. space with enough furniture to entertain up to five people from the en suite bedrooms.

The client also had a large cinema room, which called for a huge sofa to accommodate a family of ten.

For extra luxury, a steam room was added on the first floor and a hot top on the top floor, alongside the key element - the pool itself.

Designer: Manuela Hamilford

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