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Stay or Move

Date published: November 11 2017


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Combining natural oak and hand painted furniture created a modern relaxed look

The owners of a detached 1930’s Surrey house didn’t change their kitchen when they moved there in 2005. But when their children moved out, they wondered whether to move, or stay and renovate.

Keen gardeners, they decided to extend as they’d put in so much work on the outdoor space. A new three-storey extension provided space for a kitchen/living space, doubling in size to become an airy new room.

The original kitchen was removed and given to family, leaving designer Pam Baker to plan the new space. Fanning out from the island, two walls were used to create distinct zones.

A combination of natural oak and hand-painted furniture created a modern, relaxed look, perfect for open plan living. On the side wall, the symmetrical plan has a roomy cupboard at its centre. Bi-fold doors open to reveal a built in coffee machine and microwave, with other large appliances including a toaster on the shelf below.

Pam also designed the elegant freestanding oak cupboard. Its glazed doors display simple, modern tableware, whilst its 3/4 height provides a perfect place to display a big vase of flowers or bowl of fruit.

The whole project demonstrates how even large kitchens require extremely detailed planning, from ergonomic zoning right down to the level of where individual items are housed.

Designer: Pam Baker

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