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Splendour At The Savoy

Date published: March 03 2017


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The brief was to create a greater sense of sophistication for VIP guests

The brief for ReardonSmith Architects was to create an entirely new Savoy Suite and a renovated Royal Suite. Th e two suites have been conceived to introduce an even greater degree of luxurious sophistication for the hotel’s most distinguished guests.

Well-versed in the complexities of the hotel’s infrastructure from its Edwardian era beginnings, through Art Deco period expansion and 20th Century upgrades, the architects were uniquely qualifi ed to design and coordinate this latest, and especially prestigious, refurbishment at The Savoy.

With its procession of rooms spanning nearly all the fifth floor, including the space where Monet painted his panorama of the river, the Royal Suite has been refreshed to enhance the heart of the space and encourage greater flow between the rooms.

The office and the living room in the previous configuration were opened up to create a large, opulent space, at the heart of which is an exquisite new bar clad with faceted black glazing in gold trim. All technology has been cleverly implemented, including sliding panels that conceal the television at the flick of a switch.

‘Returning to The Savoy has been a true privilege,’ said Dimos Giorgou, Associate - Interior Design who has been leading the ReardonSmith Team. ‘Suites are especially important to the world’s most luxurious hotels and The Savoy and Royal Suites are destined to be the stage for international VIPs and celebrities over the years to come.’

Designer: Dimos Giorgou

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