May 2016

Cover Story: Challenging perceptions, the Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors Collection mixes modern materials and bold fabrics to create a cosmopolitan, luxurious and contemporary sense of style See Theo Mance’s Design Trend on page 52

Inside the May issue, we have the latest from the world of interior design. Take a look around these Knightsbridge apartments which offer unrivalled luxury. From the pavement, Jane Churchill's house looks modest but as you open the front door a view of unexpected drama is revealed. Beyond an austere facade this Georgian home zings with colour and energy, more Palm Springs than Bloomsbury. Thomas Griem brings New York airy loft living to a London mews house by seamlessly joining functionality and style. Suna Interior Design creates luxurious three bedroom apartments overlooking the lush meadows of Richmond and the meandering river Thames. Chris Ward says that this year is all about exciting and bold design choices. The best fashion furniture never completely forgets its origins or why it is there says Theo Mance. A fresh look is necessary in a world that is driven by a desire to reinvent itself says Simon Orrell. 

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May 2016 Issue