Autumn 2017

Cover Story: The bookshelves and ladder in the library are custom-made and the airy brass lamps on the dining table were designed so guests can see between them. Read more on page 172

Inside the Autumn 2017 issue, we have the latest from the world of interior design. Celebrating the interior design and textile master's work, Kathryn Ireland shares some design wisdom with us. Melea Markell talks about how bringing antiques into your home continues the era's legacy. Kirsten Hart brings us up to speed on how to keep interiors compatable with the needs of today. Mike Fisher says that creating a home which flows seamlessly requires a great deal of thought. Frederica Quaia says that Salle de Bain style bathrooms are cinematic in flavour and scope. Design trends morph the past, and the present and now beyond borders says Mark McDowell. Mary McDonald says that how a designer creates balance amidst glorious diversity is the true talent. Iona Newton says that objets harness the unique energy of nature and is the key to a luxury space. Marble appears in hand-crafted furniture which become the jewels within a room says Emily Davies. A  24 page guide on all that is best in this year's Decorex International Show. Tamzin Greenhill's Hampstead Heath home is everything between neutral and moody. Hamilford Design's brief was to create a luxurious home with modern, clean design but one with a countryside feel. David Price Design's brief was that the landscaping of this villa had to be present and beautifull all year round. Combining natural oak and hand painted furniture created a modern relaxed look for this Martin Moore kitchen. Matthew Frederick wanted a home that could act as a strong departure from the American colonial style. A California home that is the epitome of design, comfort and luxury at the touch of a button. All the magic of Lyn Nesbit's evening parties contrasts wonderfully with the calm order of her home in the daytime. Home life and work interact as a whole with Marc Sadler's busy workshop being part of the home. The South African holiday retreat designed by ARRCC is the perfect balance between luxury and comfort. Natural materials and ample daylight create a humble yet sophisticated domain for a young family. The very essence of romance in the 19th Century has been transplanted to the modern age in this palace. Carter Kay Interiors' brief was to turn this Atlanta home into a charming home that provided an easy lifestyle. Windsor Smith's brief was to honour the history of the building while updating the home to befit a modern family. The cliche of the beach cottage is side stepped, but the mood of beach living still remains in this African villa. Liana Yaroslavsky turned her 19th Century Parisian home into something of a playground typical of her style. The interior of this ancient manor house keeps the traditions of the home's region and the original structures front of mind.