Spring 2017

Cover story: Three vintage Parisian streetlights hang over the dining table, which is itself constructed from an old bridge. Read more on page 158.

Inside the Spring 2017 issue, we have the latest from the world of interior design. The Savoy was redesigned by Reardon Smith Architects with the brief to create a greater sense of sophistication for VIP guests. A profile on Timothy Richards; an artist who creates miniature replicas of famous buildings. Tailored Living is challenged to introduce colour but still keep a feeling of elegance in this project. Jonathan Sowter talks about the Art of Marquetry; 'Marquetry is a vessel for creativity to explore different motifs and colours'. 'What we touch plays a vital role in shaping our experience of a space' says Mike Fisher. 'Clients and designers have a new appreciation for natural materials and textiles,' explains Ken Bolan. Windsor Smith loves to bend old, familiar themes and styles into fresh, new discoveries. John McClain says that true quality design is timeless and classic and essentially un-trendy. Wherever you are, even if you are in the bathroom, you can see the water in Luca Andrisani's Miami apartment. NV Integration was asked to consider creative ideas that provide wow factor for this smart home. Book reviews for Marshall Watson's 'The Art of Elegance: Classic Interiors' and Tara Bernerd's 'Tara Bernerd: Place'. Shelba Cornelison highlights her selection of must-see showrooms for this season's High Point Market. A Chelsea Home takes inspiration from the famous Russian Ashberg Jewel. From lens to loom: the intricate designs in Tania's hand knotted rugs start life with the click of a camera. Candia Lutyens' aim is to bring adaptations of classic designs to the 21st century by giving them a modern twist. Nestling in the enclaves of Hurricane Bay, a mixture of natural light and artefacts take this Tahoe cabin far above the usual lakeside retreat. Michaela Goldschmied shows us around her home; 'It is a country house that's a rustic and more welcoming version of the madness of Alice's journey in the rabbit hole.' Gwynn Griffith gives new life to an old factory in San Antonio, transforming it into her personal cabinet of curiosities. Drawing inspiration from the city, each room in this Barcelona Apartment by ARRCC has its own character, boasting rich textures and polished raw materials. The brief for Wright Lane was to align the interior architecture with the exterior to make the home pracitcal and stylish for both family life and entertaining.