December 2016

Cover Story: The grand marble staircase with its black and gold wrought iron banisters is lit by simple black metal garden lanterns. Read more on page 120

Inside the December issue, we have the latest from the world of interior design. Tom Raffield creates designs inspired by Cornwall's natural resources and beauty. Jim Evans takes a walk thorugh this year's must see interiors show. Wallpaper designs that will paste a smile on your face. The approach to this design by BM Design was to create a family home which was peaceful and elegant. You have to look to the past to embrace the future says William Yeoward. Design tricks which help to draw light deep into a building are essential says Mike Fisher. Your surroundings should be a reflection of your life and not your recent trip to Home Goods says Sarah Kennedy Dolce. Each room of this Knightsbridge home is different and has a unique tone of its own. Donna Hall, a Chicago-based designer, channels the dark glamour of the 1920s in her latest interior design project. 'My clients love the idea of totally new design concepts, things that have never existed in the world before,' says Ron Mann. Achille Salvagni transformed the top floor of a storied palazzo in Rome into the ideal setting for a family's treasured antiques and contemporary Italian designs. Champ de Bataille is a life's work and it will never stand still - it resonates with the zest of Garcia's sense of inventions.

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December 2016 Issue