Summer 2014

Inside the Summer issue we feature the latest from the world of interior design. Luxury is back in fashion says John Crowell whilst rug designer Sonya Winner lights up with colour. Supersized headboards by Brent Cooper feature in our design news and Rick Petini tells us to invest in our furniture. Bea Pila makes your space work whilst Jay Jeffers reveals his design process. Review our books selection. Design projects by Nicky Dobree, Shalini Misra, Jema Cowen, Jennifer Duneier, Leicester Bennett, Deborah Berke, Fern Santini, Lilian Weinreich and Celia Sawyer. Our Inspired by articles feature projects by Thomas Hamel, Hakan Ezer, Jonathan Reed, Susan Winberg, Kathryn Ireland and Paolo Moschino.

Summer 2014 Issue