November 2015

Green cotton blinds are the focus of this otherwise tranquil living room in Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Almada’s Belgian townhouse. See more on page 108.

Inside the November issue we have the latest from the world of interior design. We look around the Candy Brothers’ luxury penthouse in Monte Carlo. We explore the colourful home of Liza Bruce and Nicholas Alvis Vega in India. We hear about the culture shock when Anne-Marie Midy and Jorge Almada moved from Mexico to Belgium. Design projects by Axis Mundi in New York, Phillip Silver in San Francisco and Coffinier Ku Design in Soho. Other designers included in our November issue; Laura Hammett, Robert Angell, Michael Wolk, Fiona Kelly, Sera Hersham-Loftus, Roger Oates and more. Also included is the brand new Love & Light catalogue, a company well known for their beautifully designed, hand painted and handcrafted lamps and shades.

November 2015 Issue