October 2016 US

Cover Story: In the octagonal home office, a Sputnik chandelier hangs above custom-built furniture. Read more about Gideon Mendelson's Hamptons Home on page 94.

Inside the October issue, we have the latest from the world of interior design. Joni Vanderslice invites us into her life and home in her new book. Mike Fisher gives us advice as to how to make a home personal. A stunning Pied a Terre in the heart of New York's Fifth Avenue fuses modern contemporary style with pre-war architecture. A stunning apartment is a work of art from start to finish and has the hallmarks of a Gerard Faivre classic home. A home designed by Gideon Mendelson perfectly captures the Hampton's spirit. Celebrating the essence of Mediterranean living in a chic holiday home in Southern France by Taylor Howes. A restful utopia where the clever interplay between designer pieces, items bought at flea markets and vintage Nordic furniture sets the tone for this unique Portuguese villa.

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October 2016